Welcome to my website/blog . . . a place where you can read about and buy my books as well as find resources to help you write, publish, and promote your own book.​


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I write literary fiction. Click on the BOOKS tab in the menu bar to learn what each of my novels is about, including a link to the first chapter. Some of my main characters are female, others are male. One of my books could also be classified a "cozy mystery." Another one a "coming of age" story.


If you are a new or aspiring writer, I think you'll find this website of interest, as it contains information and resources to help you get your book written and published. I created this website along with my book How to Write, Publish, and Promote a Novel to help writers avoid making all the mistakes I made when I first started writing novels. If I had known back then what I know now...well, you can fill in the blanks.


This website includes links to valuable resources and articles related to writing and publishing (RESOURCES). Each month, I post a different chapter (36 in total) from my “How To” book (BLOG). If you would like to be notified as to when a new chapter is posted, be sure to sign up for e-mail updates (SUBSCRIBE).

The blog portion of this website is fairly new for me--I started out posting everything I learned about writing, publishing, and promoting books on a general website. When this became unwieldy, I updated everything that used to be on the website and then published it in How To Write, Publish, and Promote a Novel. My blog includes excerpts from my book, as well as articles I've written for various publications including The Book Designer, where I am one of their contributing writers.


Please feel free to share pages on this website and blog with others via your social media pages. And do keep in touch with me with your comments and questions (ABOUT). I love hearing from visitors.


I wish you the best of luck in your own writing projects. If you have a question about the writing process, self-publishing, or promoting your work, please feel free to contact me.


Florence Osmund


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