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If you are an author wanting to have your book reviewed by Direct Book Reviews, click here for details on eligibility, pricing, what you get, and how to submit your book.


If you are a reader looking for a good book, one I have personally reviewed, click on the book title below.




Boken’s Crazy Camping Caper


Penny for Them


The Last Professional



Asleep at Last

Beyond a Gluten-Free Dream

Blueberry Blue Bubbles

Euphonia Klank and the Aether Beast

My Expansion


Coming of Age

Freeze Frame


Contemporary Fiction

Every Five Minutes

Gang Girl

Honorable Profession

The Lion Trees

The Park Street Secrets

The World Undone

Three Coins


Historical Fiction

Barbarossa's Barb: Heirs of Andalusia


Destiny of Determination

Eva's Secret

Moral Fibre

Searching for Lincoln'sGhost

The Last Moon Before Home

The Moonstoners

The Tree of Lost Secrets

The Unmooring

Trapped on the Wheel

Violet's War



Jerome Klingemann, Loser Magnet


Literary Fiction

After Claire

All Strings Attached

Dreams Under Glass

Freedom's Just Another Word

Generations of Secrets

Holy Parrot


Place of Cool Waters

The Freeman

The Music Stalker

The Old Men Who Row Boats

The Other

The Violin Thief

The Wounds of Jonas Clark

Wildwood Flower


Medical Fiction

The Imposter


Middle Grade

Mystery at Turtle Lake

The Children of Horseshoe Hideout

The Children of Horseshoe Hideout – Family Trees

The Chocolate Clouds

The Rescue

Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

2165 Hillside

A Colossal Injustice

A Long Way from Clare

A Mystery of Murder

A Song for Leonard

Abby's Pony Love

Asylum of Diction

Azabu Getaway

Bit Flip

Copper Waters

Distorted Perception

Dying to Tell


Fire and Ice

Freeze Before Burning

Looks Are Deceiving

Old Sins

Operation Exodus

Public Opinion

Secrets in the Mirror

Shadows in the Forest


The Accidental Heiress

The Accidental Stranger

The Auction

The Black Swan Killer

The Creation of Marla Adams

The Encanto

The Girl in the Blue Blazer

The Mirror Man

Vengefully Yours

Where Art Thou?



Average Joe

Ever Wilde

Healing Hearts

The Accidental Wife

The Girls of Fall

The Messy Truth about Love

Trail of the Heart


Short Stories

Lakeshore Fun XS & YS

Unaccustomed to Grace


Women’s Fiction

Cactus Wedding

The Elbow Grease Legacy

The Heart of the Family


Young Adult

All the Little Things

Brilliant White Peaks

Gallant – The Call of the Trail

Mentors and Tormentors

Mystic and the Secret of Happiness

No Good About Goodbye

Northern Lights

Pushing Pawns

Someone's Story

The Queering


Two Sisters of Fayetteville






Memoirs & Biographies

American Airman

Beautiful Ashes

Britannia Street

Count Me In

E.A.T. (An Unconventional Decade in the Life of a Cancer Patient)

Floating Alone in This Hydroplane

From Woodstock to Eternity

Future Widow

If Trees Could Talk

Life Lessons from a Late Bloomer

Marathon Man

Out Here in the Stars

Safe, Wanted and Loved

Tea, Scones, and Malaria

The Majewski Curse

The Red Lollipop


Other Non-Fiction

Confessions of a Small Town Minister

Gifts of the Spirit (theology)

Hack: Stories from a Chicago Cab

Hyphenated Nation (discrimination and racism)

IRS Whistleblower

Now Is the Best Time Ever to Owe the IRS

Of Providence: A Lifetime of Chasing Hope (narrative non-fiction)

Sidelined: How Women Manage and Mismanage Their Health

Signs of Murder (true crime)

The Art of Senior Dating

The Girl Behind the Door (coping with grief)

The Zodiac Revisited (true crime)

What’s Become of Me (LGBTQ+)

Why the IRS Doesn’t Work Anymore

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