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An honest, straightforward, and candid book review service



I established this book review service in June 2023 because I love reading books, especially those written by self-published authors. I can appreciate the hard work that goes into them as I have written several novels myself and know first-hand that we need all the help we can get to be noticed in this crowded, highly-competitive industry. I also wrote How to Write, Publish, and Promote a Novel, so I have a store of knowledge of what it takes to write a successful one.


I have reviewed/assessed hundreds of books for indieBRAG, Indie Reader, Awesome Indies, and Windy City Reviews. Indie Reader and Windy City Reviews publish their reviews with the reviewer’s name, so you can check out the ones I wrote for them if you like.


To get the most out of your Direct Book Review


  • Use excerpts from the review—in particular, the one- to two-sentence hook that I provide—to help promote your book. Use it on your author blog/website, on promotional items (bookmarks, posters, banners), in press releases, on the book’s back cover, on social media, and in discounted and free promotions.

  • Include some or all of the review on your Amazon author page and/or in the book's description.

  • Each review will have its own page on my website. Share this link to promote your book.

  • Take the critique aspect of the review into consideration.


Guidelines for submitting your book for review follow. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at DirectBookReviews at gmail dot com.


Florence Osmund





Books must be self-published. I do not accept ARCs unless they have been through the entire editing process. The book must be available in one of the following formats:

  • EPUB file

  • MOBI file

  • PDF file

  • Print copy

  • Kindle edition gifted through Amazon

I accept these genres:


Action & adventure

        Children’s books with pictures





        Literary (my fav)



        Thriller & suspense


        Young adult






I do NOT accept these genres:





Fantasy fiction

Magical realism

Science fiction



Art & photography



How-to books





What You Get


1.   A one- or two-sentence hook

I begin each review with something intended to pique the interest of those reading the review--something that will compel them to keep reading and then hopefully buy the book. Regardless of how I rate the book as a whole, this quote will be a positive, honest statement about your book, something you can use regularly in promoting your work.

2.   A 100-150-word plot summary (shorter for children’s books with pictures)

This is a brief description of the story's main character(s) and plot. I do not give away too much of the story nor do I include any spoilers.


3.   A 150-200-word assessment of the book (shorter for children’s books with pictures)


Here I include what I feel are the book’s strengths and weaknesses. I base this assessment on the following:










As the name of the service implies, Direct Book Reviews is all about providing honest, straightforward, and candid reviews. If the book meets the criteria listed above, it will be reflected in the review and rating. If typos, grammar errors, sloppy writing, or weak content are found, it will also be noted. The Chicago Manual of Style and Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary are used as reference guides. Click here for a sample review.


4.   A one- to five-star rating







5.   Your review posted on my website.

Pricing (Payments accepted via PayPal and Cash App)










How to Submit


For your book to be considered for review, send an e-mail to DirectBookReviews at gmail dot com that includes the following:


Your name

Your e-mail address

Title of Book



Number of Words


Short synopsis


No attachments please.


Do not send the manuscript at this time. You will receive an e-mail response within five days to let you know if your book has been accepted for review, how to submit it, and payment information.



Questions? Send an e-mail to DirectBookReviews at gmail dot com

5.0 stars

4.0 to 4.9 stars

3.0 to 3.9 stars

2.0 to 2.9 stars

1.0 to 1.9 stars


Very good




Children's books with pictures

Books up to 29,999 words

Books 30,000-59,999 words

Books 60,000-79,999 words

Books 80,000-100,000 words

Books over 100,000 words

Regular Turnaround

(Up to 4 weeks)







Expedited Turnaround

(2 weeks or less)







√ Is the narrative engaging? Does it flow well? Is it easy to understand?

√ Are the story and plot logically arranged? Are they believable?

√ Are the characters fully developed?

√ Is the writing free of technical errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling?

√ Are the illustrations relevant and appealing? (If applicable)

√ Is setting used to its full potential?

√ Is there enough conflict, tension, drama, and/or crises to keep readers engaged?

√ Is there a consistent narrative point of view?

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  • A free copy of one of my novels (pdf, mobi, or epub format)

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I respect your privacy. I send no spam, nor do I share your e-mail address with anyone.

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